Creating a unique and original character animation starts with a strong understanding of the style and message the client is trying to convey.

For Grizzly Bear Media, we wanted to tell our story and let our audience, and future clients, in on how we came to be.  There’s no doubt our business name is fun and light-hearted so it was important that our animation captured that too. After all, our story is about a Mummy Bear and a Daddy Bear who joined forces to create their own awesome media company and spend more quality time with their two gorgeous bear cubs.  So we decided to go with fairy tale characters to tie in with our business name and portray a friendly, likeable and highly skilled media powerhouse.

After consulting with our graphics guru Luke, the process started with simple, rough sketches that were transformed into detailed and colourful vector graphics. The limbs and facial details were separated into individual layers to be rigged and animated.


While the end product is a punchy 35 second animation clip, hours of work was invested in preparing the characters and creating the storyboard, to build the scenes they would move through.  This was our personal story – and it was important the animation captured our family, our home and our previous careers just the way we wanted. Careful and sometimes painstaking preparation set the foundation for the entire project and made the final animation stage easier to produce.  Once the storyboard was done, we started work on the script and engaged a voice over artist to bring the story to life. His voice track was recorded – which Luke then used as a guide to animate the graphics perfectly in time with the script.  Then, the Grizzly Bear Media animation was good to go!

So if you’re thinking about animation for your next project have a think about exactly what message you’d like to portray and give us a bell – we would love to brainstorm your ideas with you and bring your animation to life! 

Please give Katy at Grizzly Bear Media a call.