In our world of constant news streams, tighter budgets, under resourced newsrooms, hungry consumers and competitive marketing strategies, there’s never been a better time to produce branded-content for easier results. Now is the time to include a Video News Release (VNR) as part of your communications strategy.  

News outlets are becoming more and more stretched with their own resources, relying on external content options to fill their bulletins. Ideally, a journalist will always want to cover their own story but if your subject matter is interesting enough and a journalist or crew can’t attend your event a VNR is the best option in providing content that can otherwise be overlooked.

So you ask, what if a news crew can make my event? should I still create a VNR? Short answer, YES! If you can provide overlay and interviews, this will sometimes get your pitch across the line. Also, makes the shoot schedule more efficient. The response from news crews is always a grateful one. Time is money! News crews are busy, covering multiple stories on any given day. 

Another advantage of producing your own VNR is the ability to effectively communicate your brand / clients key message. We can tell you from experience an overworked camera crew  will punch through a shoot just to get off to ‘the next one’ leaving your product/ brand looking average and lacking YOUR important messaging and content. 

 Ultimately, if you can provide valuable, newsworthy content we can amplify your media outcomes using a VNR. 

 But, what is VNR  exactly? 

A Video News Release is a small collection of video content including:

  • Interviews or grabs 
  • Overlay or b-roll 
  • Drone vision 

The production style of a VNR, needs to be a balance between a convincing looking news report and a brand, charity or Government organisation corporate video. If the VNR doesn’t look like a news report, no media outlet will want to feature it (don’t make a VNR look arty or rough shot). Also, you must consider to subtly include your clients key message or branding, otherwise they won’t be happy with the results. Whilst this is a tricky line to toe, experience tells you what you can and can’t get away with.

Whilst we are shooting your VNR, this is the perfect time to not create supporting digital media videos to support your messaging and ampliphy across social platforms. 

If you’re interested in creating a VNR to boost exposure for your business or your clients. Please contact Katy at Grizzly Bear Media, we would love to brainstorm news angles, produce your VNR, we can even pitch and distribute to the media. We have over 20 years in traditional media experience and a proven track record in gaining media coverage.