Grizzly Bear Media’s Run + Gun formula

Our Grizzly Bear crew had the incredible opportunity to partner with our mates at SuperDream to capture content (video and photography) and deliver during the event for digital and traditional media. Our crew worked on the  Guide Dogs Australia for their Annual Giving Day and Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital Foundation’s Royal Giving Day – Raise it for the Royal

These events required shooting, editing and delivering content during the event, and on the go! This is known as run and gun, and it is a technique that we’ve mastered. This type of shooting is often used for capturing ‘news’ footage at live events because it gets content out there quickly. It is all about capturing moments as they happen in real time. 

Instead of large production teams and lots of equipment, it is small crews with the least amount of equipment – or with Grizzly Bear Media you don’t need to look further than our legendary trio armed with just our trusty camera and mic, ready to rock ‘n’ roll! 

It is fast-paced in a physically demanding environment with no set road-map, but it is so much fun making and capturing moments with these incredible organisations. Here are some tips to create a successful run and gun shoot: 

  • Knowing your “must-have shots” from the client to ensure you deliver what they need 
  • Following a flexible outline and keeping your eyes peeled for any great shots that happen in the moment, taking into consideration light, exposure, depth of field and composition to quickly determine how to capture content in the best most meaningful way. 
  • Think about what aspect you are shooting in, in terms of size e.g. Instagram story vs. post and efficiency in how long it will take to export
  • And make sure your gear is charged and have multiple back-ups!


Creating high-quality content for social media throughout the day of the event is incredibly beneficial for these organisations. It is essential to keep audiences updated to create engagement and help them reach more audiences. It creates connection by allowing the audience to feel part of the day even if they can’t be there in person. 

With this technique you can create high-quality, professional videos as if they were created by an entire production team instead of just a few people. It is all about the best way to capture moments as they happen to share with the world – by inspiring just one person you can make a big impact. 

Give Katy a call at Grizzly Bear Media today, to discuss capturing your next event for both traditional and digital media purposes.