Great photography is a worthwhile investment for your brand, they represent your story on all your platforms, help your audience to connect, with you, provide valuable content marketing opportunities and work wonders with the Google gods (SEO). And the list goes on however, photoshoots can be a nerve-racking (or downright terrifying) experience whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional.

So, heres Grizzly’s tips to nail your next photoshoot!


The internet is your best friend – search through Google, Instagram, Pinterest etc. to find inspo Look into different styles, locations and even poses to see which resonate most with you.

To make the most out of your shoot, you need to know exactly what you want to capture about your brand. From this you can find which is the perfect way to visually represent your story.

Don’t forget to share with us to ensure we are all on the same page to creating content that reflects your brand and values.


Creating a shot list of your must have shots ensures everyone is happy with the final outcome, our Grizzly crew will have valuable input and assist you in putting together this list and ideas on the fly!


If all else fails look at it this way – this is for a purpose,  remember you are here to capture yourself to help grow your business. Everyone on the shoot is there to help you achieve your goals, they are your support – so just be YOU and you’ll have fun!!


Consider what platform your pics are being used on, so for Instagram to make the most of the screen 4:5 or full portrait works a treat, however if you are preparing content for a real estate listing you will want these images in landscape.  Consider purpose, do the images need copy overlaid? Or are t


Visit your location beforehand (if you can) and try to go around the same time you will be having your shoot. Always consider the relevance of the location, whether you want the photos to be location centric or conversely appear more generic. Keep in mind your location needs to be reflective of your brand, PR hook or key purpose of the shoot.

Consider lighting and note any changes, your real estate listing may look best in the afternoon. But don’t stress our team of professional photographers are experts in lighting and come equipped with lighting and portable studio if need be.


This one seems self-explanatory but it’s arguably the most important. You are aiming to represent yourself, so just do you BOO! Don’t try to be someone you’re not, because you won’t be comfortable. Confidence comes from knowing what you want and being yourself, there’s no one like you so showcase that!

Trust and collaboration between you and your photographer is key to a successful shoot, it ensures a smoother shoot and you can have a lot of fun! Give the team at Grizzly Bear Media a bell today to start planning your next shoot!