The fundraising environment has dramatically changed during the past year, forcing many of the typical fundraising ways to shift to virtual. In-person fundraising events and street campaigns have been cancelled or had numbers capped and face-to-face meetings have been forced online. As we continue to see, plans can change in the blink of an eye. It has never been more important to develop great assets for your fundraising campaign today.

In an online, socially distanced world people more than ever are wanting more human content, connection and a sense of community. Digital marketing assets create value, they not only can reach more people but they can make a bigger impact.

These can be your social media, website, email, blogs, email, video etc.. All of these online strategies are vital for “inspiring and engaging people, helping you raise funds, start discussions and advertise the services you offer”.  Knowing how to effectively use these strategies will enable you to expand your reach and inspire more donations.


Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine states that, “One of the biggest benefits of digital is the awareness-enhancing platform it gives to charities and causes.”

Having many great assets for your fundraising campaigns increases your range of who you can reach. Different platforms, and different formats of content reach different types of audiences. Some people may connect through statistics and detail, and some may connect through personalised video marketing on Instagram.

Social media especially is a part of daily life and online fundraising allows you to meet your audience where they are. You have a moment to communicate to them who you are, what you do and why they should care – so by developing many great assets you can spread awareness further than ever and make an impact through connection.


The biggest part of fundraising whether in person or online is about connecting with your audience and inspiring them to take action. With online content you are able to build a community. You can bring audiences along for the journey, not just a moment.

You build a following by setting goals, keeping your audience updated and showing them visually how they are making a difference no matter the size of their contribution.

Audiences connect with authenticity and honesty. For instance, in a video you aren’t just seeing words on a screen you are seeing and listening to the people affected, and the ones striving to make a difference. Online marketing can really personalise the experience for the donor and they will stay connected, emotionally engaged and can inspire others to donate as well.


Once your audience is inspired to donate – they need to know what they need to do and where they need to go to make a change.

The vital aspect of online marketing for fundraising is making it easy and accessible for people to donate. Social media grabs their attention, and needs to lead them to where to go. Your website provides a central hub for further information and importantly the place for them to donate.

Today, you are able to reach more people than ever through developing great assets for your fundraising campaign. So many people care deeply and are passionate about helping. By developing your digital marketing strategies you can increase your awareness, make a personal connection and drive them to action. Check out the Karuna video, campaign concept by Bloome Consulting, shot and produced by our Grizzly Bear team. 

Give the team at Grizzly Bear Media a bell today to discuss developing your assets for your fundraising campaign. We are passionate about helping you make a difference and tell your story with impact.