One of the greatest benefits of the internet is how easy it is to share your brand. However, as we become inundated with manufactured content it can start to feel meaningless and impersonal.

Video marketing is a perfect way to break through and tell your story, educate, and make an impact. Not with numbers on a screen or facts on a page – but delivering YOU.

It doesn’t feel like you are being advertised to, instead you are simply learning someone’s story or being educated on a topic. You can leave them feeling richer for having stayed and watched your content. 


The benefit of video is that you are establishing a personal connection with your audience. You are not providing information at a superficial level, compared to text, video can provide in-depth insight in a condensed amount of time (the average business video length is just 4.07 minutes, and often the shorter, the better).

You have limited time to pack in a burst of information. Video marketing allows you to utilise all at your disposal – visuals, audio and establishing a personal connection to say more with less.


Did you know that around 65% of the population are visual learners? Visuals are engaging, informative and for many, quicker to process. In an online world this is ideal, as according to Forbes “social media has created this intense desire and opportunity to share what we learn”.

The content video marketers are creating reflect this demand. Social Media Today reports that the most common video types are explainer videos (72%), presentation videos (49%) and testimonials (48%). Audiences have a hunger to learn, and they love passing that knowledge onto others which is incredibly beneficial for your brand.

When valuable content can be delivered in a short, sweet package it is easier than ever to learn, and sharing is only a tap away.


Video marketing is an important tool to have in your arsenal, that can continue to build upon your brand. Video can go anywhere and reach anyone and continue to adapt and grow.

With rich, insightful content your audience can discover you across any platform and share your unique story with the world. Creating value through video enables your audience to come to rely on you as a trustworthy service and source of information. 

Video creates value by establishing who you are in a memorable way, educating your audience and it is delivered in an enduring format that will continue to benefit you as long as there are eyes on screens. 


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