You’re chosen to be the company spokesperson.

You know the brand or story well and can usually rattle off facts and figures with ease.

But you walk in to be interviewed on a big, broadcast TV camera and….

You freeze.

There’s no doubt being interviewed on camera can be a daunting experience.  And while the journalist may try to ease your fears by telling you to ‘pretend the camera isn’t there’  the black box and lens glaring at you makes that pretty tricky!

Here are our top tips for nailing that on-camera interview:

1.Make yourself comfortable

If you’re being interviewed inside, ask to be seated as this can help you to relax. Sit up straight to make sure your lungs have plenty of room to breathe – you don’t want to sound puffy or out of breath which can happen if you’re slouching.

If you’ll be standing for the interview – position your legs slightly apart to ‘ground’ your body. This will stop you from swaying or moving out of frame. Swaying is not only distracting for the audience, but can also make you look shifty or have something to hide!

2. Pretend you’re speaking with a friend

Too often, company spokespeople will try to memorise lines or statements verbatim and it can come across as unnatural, convoluted and boring.  Simplify your message and imagine you’re telling this story to a friend in a cafe or a mate in the pub. This will help you avoid the dreaded ‘ums’ and ‘ahhs’ and you will be more engaged with the journalist and in turn, your audience. And remember you are in the expert in this field or this is YOUR story. 

3. Know what NOT to wear

While it’s important to wear something that makes you feel confident and has you ‘looking the part’ it’s also wise to know what NOT to wear.

Overly patterned or checked shirts can ‘strobe’ on camera so it’s best to dress in solid colours (bold or pastel) from the waist up. Avoid dangly earrings or big, bold necklaces too, as these can be distracting and noisy.

4. Smile

Before the interview begins, take some deep breaths, relax and smile. It will help you to look calm, confident and in control.

5. Consider media training

If you think on-camera interviews could be a regular gig for you in the future, consider investing in some media training with the professionals. At Grizzly Bear Media, we team up with former Channel 7 Senior Journalist and communications extraordinaire Kim Skubris to help you refine and communicate your message.

Give our Grizzly Bear Media Crew a call to discuss your next video project. We will help you nail your next on-camera interview.