2024 is set to be an enormous year for Australian businesses with many consumer trends emerging.

Trend 1: AI human connections

With AI comes both excitement and fear for all Aussie companies. The need to integrate AI into business strategies is real and important moving forward no matter your industry. A new study shows that consumers are unsure about AI with8% of people comfortable interacting with an organisation’s AI. The reason people are unsure is clear. Humans fear AI will replace them.

Rather than rolling out an AI chatbot, think about how AI can help your day-to-day operations and improve customer experience. AI is the future and it’s important we learn to adapt accordingly.

Trend 2: Great service beats low prices

Low prices aren’t all that consumers are looking for in 2024. In a survey, customers are most likely to purchase a product or service with great quality and customer service. These are even more important than low price and ease of use. Now is the time to invest in ensuring your product is perfected, and customer service is a key part of your strategy moving forward. We are a high-quality Brisbane-based video production agency with our office in Stones Corner. Our team of bears put your video and marketing needs at the forefront and we are proud to deliver great content to companies right around the country.

Trend 3: Consumer feedback is down

The ways consumers are providing feedback is changing, and companies need to learn to adapt.

Arguably the most prevalent shift in consumer behaviour is the continuation of the long-term downfall in direct consumer feedback. A recent study shows that two thirds of consumers won’t tell you if they have had a bad experience . Rather than taking the time to leave a review or send an email, consumers are spending less, visiting less and no longer referring a company. In 2024, companies will need to adapt by using social media and review sites to encourage feedback and engagement with their customers. Allocating capital towards social media development is just one way to encourage customers to engage, and to promote your business at a new level. Hiring professionals in this field is the best way to ensure your brand reaches as many people in our community as possible.

Grizzly Bear Media – where industry expertise meets your marketing goals. As we dive into the immense opportunities of 2024, trust us to elevate your brand through strategic feedback channels and impactful marketing solutions. Let’s make this year extraordinary together!