Why is video content important for your brand?

Video is the most versatile and engaging content type, across all social media platforms – and even more so now, amid the COVID-19 restrictions.
Analysis by Nielson, suggested that the current climate will push media consumption habits 60% higher. Furthermore, recently Facebook noted that the number of people watching Facebook Live content has increased by 50 per cent since January.
Now is the time, if you are looking to engage, inform and entertain your audience. Video is a powerful tool to connect with your audience and creatively communicate your message.

Why is video content important for your brand?

As you can see, the good news is that the video content is in greater demand and more accessible than ever.

Video content is easily and enjoyably consumable, builds trust, conveys your narrative and effectively engages your customers.

Video content is versatile and can be used across the marketing mix – advertising, publicity and marketing.

If you’re interested in discovering how video content can help grow your brand, contact the team at Grizzly Bear Media today. We are highly experienced content creators, and we’d be delighted to create a video that creatively conveys your story to your audience.