Everyone is buzzing for aerial content, drone vision has become the hottest trend in storytelling since the inception of social media.

Aerials allow your brand to stand out (or fly above) from your competitors, audiences and effectively show scale, highlight location and generate a buzz (team GBM clearly love a pun). Taking your branded content to the next level.

Aerial shots

Before the use of commercial drones, the only way to produce an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter & pilot, not to mention all the paperwork – logging flight plans and obtaining permits. It was a costly exercise.

Today drones make aerial shots much simpler and far more affordable.

Why use drone?

Attention grabbing, in digital media you only have a few seconds before that thumb swipes up, so it is vital to grab your audiences attention and engagement.


Location – drone visuals are an effective way to access hard to reach areas. Historically drones have been touted as one of the most promising solutions for humanitarian disaster relief operations because they can easily gain access to hard-to-reach areas.

Perspective – drone photography gives your brand a unique, interesting perspective and shows scale. The higher outlook can instantly transform the landscape / architecture. Think about your upper edge on YOUR competitors when they visualise what really is the big picture.

Sponsorship – drone vision offers a unique opportunity to leverage sponsorship and business development opportunities.

Curious how drone vision will make your next video project captivating? Contact our team today to discuss, we have licensed drone operators to safely bring your drone visions to life.